Thursday, August 17, 2006

Moving Again

FINALLY! My Printed Circuit board design has been accepted by the techs, and is now in the lab for manufacture. All I have to do now is wait for it, and wait for a few more parts then we can solder the components in place and begin the hardware testing. My lab partner and I are also working on those structure diagrams for the programming.


Big sis Ju said...

Wow cool - sounds great - when can we see a picture of the robot? Way too technical for me - so impressed by it all!

TCA 2006 said...

Bonkers. BRILLIANT! You have earned your "Blogorama" Link! Still have one question that remains unanswered: Why?

TCA 2006 said...

...PS You should get some statistics software on your page nice and early - e.g. extremetracker (see link on our site), it's facinating

...and I am a huge fan of the 10,000 Maniacs too!

TCA 2006 said...

I fear I have stumbled into a techo zone, an impressively ingenious one at that.

K9 - now that was a robot- and how did he get up stairs? I bet he required a balancing program.

Ju's little sister said...

tca 2006! Naughty boy you forgot to sign off your comments - Al or BB??

Ju, we don't have any pictures yet as it hasn't been made. The cartoon-like images (one at the bottom post and one on the sidebar) are 3D designs using a construction program called Solid Works. The finished product will look very similar and when the project is actually finished, then I might publish some photos. Too dangerous at the mo :-)

I'm so glad to hear I've earned my link, and I think you guys (tca) rock heaps more than me, but I'll look into that stat software.

10,000 Maniacs totally rock.