Saturday, December 29, 2007


Hi all,

I am sorry for my recent silence;

I have been at my parents house for the Christmas holidays. There is no cell phone range and practically no internet - certainly not enough to view pictures. It took mum 30minutes to download seven emails which were purely text - no attachments or pictures at all.

I am at our 'other house' at the moment, relaxing after an amazing Christmas day and preparing for a busy New Years!

I hope you all have had a wonderful time with friends and family, and I look forward to reading your blogs when I have the time and the internet in the new year. Thank you all for your holiday wishes - it was almost as cool as receiving a card in the mail (wink).

Much love and best wishes,
Ju's Little Sister.

PS - I see Plumps has put a picture up.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


My latest post has published itself below "something girlie," scroll down please...


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Something Girlie

Martin told me to do 'something girlie' like knitting, instead of taking electrikery to pieces. I have decided not to be insulted, and instead to post one of my hobbies which is actually 'girlie.' I use inverted comma's because I think it is mean of society to stereotype so cruelly.

Anyway - here's what's in my little orange bag off crafts. Well... one craft. ;-)

Yup, you guessed it - I like to do a little cross-stitch. This current project is the most ambitious I have tried, and I don't find a lot of time for it (because once I'm set up I don't like to move for a couple of hours or more, which can be tricky these days.) I don't find the hobby very relaxing, but I do find it very satisfying. With cross-stitch there is very strong evidence of one's progress, which I like. The poem in the top photo is me just mucking about with the alphabet. I may try to design my own images around the poem one day - I have a CD that goes into the computer and will convert pictures into cross-stitch designs, but I haven't tried it yet. I'll finish this first.

See how the picture is built up using lots and lots of tiny little crosses? (and half crosses). It is quite laborious, and the big rule is: don't use knots!!! You are not allowed to tie any knots in your cross stitch as it warps the cloth so that it won't sit flat. I still have lots of colours to put into the little section just above, and that is only part of the lower right quarter of the design.

Plumpy wanted to be included in the photo shoot, to show Elbi and Scaredy &co. that he has a sensitive side. ;-)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Salute to my Ancestors...sort of

Stace and Dean swapped rooms last week. This means Stace gets the master bedroom upstairs with onsuite and more space than she is going to know what to do with. Dean has moved downstairs in the room next to mine, and now I have to share my bathroom with a boy - eeeeeew!

I'm a lazy person most of the time and often I can't be bothered wandering over to my bedroom door and closing it before I change from day-time clothes to uniform (if I'm on night shift) or out of my uniform on days. It's just a quick change of clothes right? I lived in a hostel for the five years of my secondary schooling and am quite in the habit of not caring if a girl happens to walk by when I'm half-dressed. On the other hand - this is Dean. What to do? Should I change my habits and actually make the effort to walk three steps and close the door?


Another solution is required. And this is what I came up with:

Sorry to my friends from Wales - I don't have your national flag.

I have taken quite a leap of faith with this post, and there is a lot of room for comments to be made about hostel girls, about bathrooms shared with boys and about nudity. I would appreciate it if you refrained please. This post is about my new doorway and the lovely flag I have raised there. Runcibility will not be accepted as an excuse. Comments which will offend me will be delected. Comments about what a clever idea I have had are MORE than welcome ;-)

Thursday, December 13, 2007


In a Geekery!

My desk at the moment, all that junk is my Xbox 360 which I have had to pull apart again - this time to see if I can work out what's wrong with it. It is broken :-( But I think it won't be impossible for me to fix myself. We'll see.

A close up. Is is Geeky of me to say I love my mouse? It's the best. It is wireless, AND lives in a little docking cradle thing which recharges it when I'm not using it. Genius.

Ages ago I posted the picture on the left - the Xbox I changed from white with green lights to black with blue lights. Now it is no colour and no lights. But one day....!

Bets are on,
3:1 against that I'll get it going again...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Early Morning Visitor

Okay, okay - I'm sorry.
Thank you for being so patient and for making it so clear you really like my blog. I really think you are just missing my comments on your blogs!

Last week I was on the early shift and that left me very tired and drained, and since then I have been struggling with Christmas Shopping! Woe is Me!!!

I don't have a lot to say today, or very much time to say it so I shall just share with you some pictures of a handsome creature who snuck into my bed this morning. I had opened the window to listen to the native birds living in the back yard give their dawn chorus and forgot to shut it again before I fell back into an early morning doze.
Shortly after I had arisen from bed I had cause to lift my sheets in search of my cell phone which I had been texting Ju on, and had discarded under a pillow or just out of reach in favour of snuggling down for some decent sleeping-in.

Instead of the phone, I found this little friend - who at first didn't want to be disturbed and scuttled under the sheets again...


Now I'm sure Simon would scoff, but he's an Aussie and perfectly within his rights to do so. I am no fan of spiders, and to think I'd been rolling round in bed with this one was enough to give me the creepy-crawlie-heebie-jeebies. In fact it was rather like being attacked with a good dose of non-existant flustra eeeeerrrrrk!

I have been brushing at invisible insects for the rest of the day! And now, I must go to work. Kisses and MERRY CHRISTMAS! xxJLSxx