Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Salute to my Ancestors...sort of

Stace and Dean swapped rooms last week. This means Stace gets the master bedroom upstairs with onsuite and more space than she is going to know what to do with. Dean has moved downstairs in the room next to mine, and now I have to share my bathroom with a boy - eeeeeew!

I'm a lazy person most of the time and often I can't be bothered wandering over to my bedroom door and closing it before I change from day-time clothes to uniform (if I'm on night shift) or out of my uniform on days. It's just a quick change of clothes right? I lived in a hostel for the five years of my secondary schooling and am quite in the habit of not caring if a girl happens to walk by when I'm half-dressed. On the other hand - this is Dean. What to do? Should I change my habits and actually make the effort to walk three steps and close the door?


Another solution is required. And this is what I came up with:

Sorry to my friends from Wales - I don't have your national flag.

I have taken quite a leap of faith with this post, and there is a lot of room for comments to be made about hostel girls, about bathrooms shared with boys and about nudity. I would appreciate it if you refrained please. This post is about my new doorway and the lovely flag I have raised there. Runcibility will not be accepted as an excuse. Comments which will offend me will be delected. Comments about what a clever idea I have had are MORE than welcome ;-)


Martin Stickland said...

Now where shall I start? what a fruity subject ..... reminds me of all the Carry on films .... no, I am too much of a Gent to grace your comments page with wood innuendos.

By George is that flag what I think it is?

Ju's little sister said...

You'd be no saint to get it wrong!

lorenzothellama said...

What a beautiful doorway! Is that a dirty great spider hanging down off one of your cupboards? Where does Plumpy do his essentials?

I don't like sharing a bathroom with a husband (especially after he has been eating raw sprouts and raw brocolli) so another fella would be a nightmare.

I'm encouraging Peter to build a hut at the bottom of the garden to do his bits and bobs in, and I suggest you do the same with Dean.

Happy Solstice JLS!


Martin Stickland said...

All I can say is EGGNOG!!!

lorenzothellama said...

Happy Christmas JLS!!!

Love Lorenzo. xx