Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Early Morning Visitor

Okay, okay - I'm sorry.
Thank you for being so patient and for making it so clear you really like my blog. I really think you are just missing my comments on your blogs!

Last week I was on the early shift and that left me very tired and drained, and since then I have been struggling with Christmas Shopping! Woe is Me!!!

I don't have a lot to say today, or very much time to say it so I shall just share with you some pictures of a handsome creature who snuck into my bed this morning. I had opened the window to listen to the native birds living in the back yard give their dawn chorus and forgot to shut it again before I fell back into an early morning doze.
Shortly after I had arisen from bed I had cause to lift my sheets in search of my cell phone which I had been texting Ju on, and had discarded under a pillow or just out of reach in favour of snuggling down for some decent sleeping-in.

Instead of the phone, I found this little friend - who at first didn't want to be disturbed and scuttled under the sheets again...


Now I'm sure Simon would scoff, but he's an Aussie and perfectly within his rights to do so. I am no fan of spiders, and to think I'd been rolling round in bed with this one was enough to give me the creepy-crawlie-heebie-jeebies. In fact it was rather like being attacked with a good dose of non-existant flustra eeeeerrrrrk!

I have been brushing at invisible insects for the rest of the day! And now, I must go to work. Kisses and MERRY CHRISTMAS! xxJLSxx


Maalie said...

I think a bed is a very strange place to keep your batteries.

And a happy festive season to you too, J'sLS!

Martin Stickland said...

Yikes! I thought you were going to show a photo of some handsome guy (can a married heterosexual man say 'handsome guy' without sounding to.. well you know...too.... no cannot say it) but instead you show us a photo of this little critter. Nice pair of ... I mean pairs of legs on him.

Glad you are back with us, same time next Month the for your new post! tee hee!!!


PS YES! I beat lorenzybum and made a comment first on this new post!

lorenzothellama said...

Listen here Martin, it's quarter to twelve and I've been trying to get to this posting for the last three hours. Phone calls from llama admirers (!) and then Mr.P'sTrees came to cut up an old apple tree that fell down in the weekend's typhoon. Of course I had to help him, stacking logs, making cha, gossiping, carrying lumberjack's tools, handling lumberjack's tools and working with lumberjack's tools.

So, only now got a minute to see the amazin' new posting.

Yikes. Spiders. They scare me. I can now cope with the little ones but those big buggers really freak me out. I think you are very brave JLS. I thought I was going to see a picture of Plumps in your bed. You could of sent him in after the little critter, or is he scared of them too.

Love Lorenzo.

Ju's little sister said...

I thought about sending him after the spider, butI wanted the photos first and by the time i was done he had lost interest!

Yes, Maalie - and they are industrial strength batteries too!

simon said...

Looks like a black house spider..
nasty bite but not fatal

At 4am this morning my daughter awake me to say she had caught a Funnel web spider walking across the carpet...

These are about the size of a coffee cup and look exactly like the evil spiders in Sci fi films...

This one was male ( very poisonous)

My Daughter put it on a jar where I have breakfast so I could look at it.

I thought "mnnn" I usually get up at about 3am and go and get a drink.. what if I trod on it?

Dead in one hour.....

I usually catch them and give them to the university for milking But this one anoyed me for being inside...

What is the best way to kill them? pour boiling water on them..they simply stop dead in their tracks...