Monday, July 02, 2007





( so far )


TCA said...

Aha,,,,someone else who starts their puzzels with the edges then a central focal piece...interesting. Good to see you are playing with a good old salt of the earth 2 dimensional puzzel as well as the computing malarchy.


Maalie said...

The puzzle you have started looks as if it will be a different picture to the one at the top!

I like jig-saw puzzles to. I had on showing the dashboard (cockpit?) of Concorde (the plane) - all those gnobs and dials looked just the same, it was a devil to do!


Ju's little sister said...

Have you heard of Wasgij puzzels?

That's what this is. The picture on the box is a clue only. See how everyone in the picture is terrified of something. The puzzel is what THEY are looking at! So I have no picture to work off - a lot harder than your average 1000 piece jigsaw!

No longer PC to say 'cockpit,' it's a 'flight deck' these days.
Sounds like a good puzzle though!

BillyBob - I do whatever I can match up! Without the final picture to work off it's rather tricky.


TCA said...

Get a bike and get outdoors more!


I have never been very good with Jigsaws.


Maalie said...

P.C.? I can just imagine a World War 2 veteran referring to the cockpit of his Spitfire as a flight deck! LOL!

simon said...

i seriously have a problem ( with myself) about puzzles, board games, and play stations....

I think I am adhd... I cannot sit stil long enough before I am completely "crazy"

SOOO to those of you who can do it- I am seriously amazed!

Maalie said...

Has it stopped raining? You don't seem to have made much progress with that puzzle since I last looked...

Ju's little sister said...

Oh No, it hasn't stopped raining! I am waiting till I am done, and will load progression photo's so you can scroll from top to bottom - start to finish ;-)

TCA - outdoors? I have been working outdoors in sheet-rain and thunderstorms all week so it is nice to wrap up in duvet and ponder which piece will fit in next.