Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Things unInteresting

Tonight for some reason I had an inexplicable desire to share with you all the sorry state of my refrigerator. Now to be fair, the fridge doesn't actually belong to me. It was here when I moved into the flat. In order to protect my flatmates at least a little bit I am renaming them the uni-sexual pseudonyms Chris and Sam.

But first, here is an overview of my fridge.

When I had a little party here in this flat (I called it my flat warming, any excuse!) a couple of my friends from hockey came by. One in particular was astounded at the size of my cat, Plumpy (check out his blog here) and couldn't get over not just how big he was, but also how ummmm... engorged he appeared around the belly. So the next week at practice she brought in a news paper clipping and told the entire team my cat made it into the local rag. After passing it around the team (who all judged me for over-feeding my cat) she handed the paper to me and said it would pay to take the article home and give it some serious thought. Though I was offended she lied to the team about my cat (who was NOT the one featured in the photo) and though I was insulted she thought I should 'ease up' on the amount of food he was given, I did place the clipping in pride of place underneath all the other junk on the fridge.

Lets take a closer look at the healthy selection of food stored not a moment longer than its use-by date, shall we?

Here is the upper few shelves. See how the very top shelf is not used at all. This is because it has an extra door to lift, which is FAAAAAR to hard to get into. The juice on the next shelf looks fairly innocent, but I've seen it moving about the fridge from shelf to shelf over the last few months. I think it gets shifted when it's in the way. No one wants to drink it because it's old, and no one wants to throw it out in case it belongs to someone else.
The dip was my mistake, I made it but didn't have enough chips to finish it with. I put it in the fridge for safe keeping. It's probably the safest place in the house - no one will touch it. It's been there a week now and there's oil lifting to the surface. I don't want to talk about the potato dish that Sam made and refuses to finish.

Now I put the raw meat in for dramatic effect. It's actually dinner tomorrow night. I have hockey practice so need something quick and easy for tea. Pre-crumbed schnitzel it is! So you may rest assured I do not have 'off' meat in the fridge.

The bottom shelves are my pet hate. When we buy fruit and veges from the supermarket (even though they are better and cheaper at the fruit shop down the road, they are put into plastic bags which aren't even designed to allow the food to breath. There is a different supermarket a little further away which provides brown paper bags for my mushrooms, but that's not the supermarket we go to! No one, not even me, bothers to remove the veges from the bags before putting them in the crisper bin. Sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

At the moment there is tonight's mince (it will be lasagne soon MMMMMmmmmm) hanging around not so far away from Sam's emergency dinner. Again Sam has let me down not only by failing to finish a meal, but also storing it away in the fridge for further personal growth.

Last, and pretty much least, is the door. Mostly I include this because it is a little sad how empty it is. It isn't filled up with sauces and juices and exciting additions to one's evening meal. In fact, it doesn't even fit a standard 1.5L soft drink bottle! Sam's fantas, Chris's Coke and my Pepsi have to lie down on the shelves. But I can't drink cold beverages very well so mine lives in the pantry anyway! Oh for small mercies har har har! There is a little jar of crushed garlic in there now though. I added it today.

I tell you, Chris has to have his eggs. Not that they get eaten! But who knows, with the top layer coming up to their 'use-by' date, they might be about ready for use in a nice pavlova. (A Kiwi invention Simon, not Australian!!!)

It hasn't been a particularly pleasant post, I know. It was probably boring too. But I it has certainly produced at least one positive result. With the absence of both my flatmates (they are in the UK) I have now cleaned out the fridge! It is fresh, wholesome and healthy. Finally!


Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

This post reminds me of Lorenzo's one about her compost heap for some reason....

Ju's little sister said...

tee hee, yes it is a little! I threw the yoghurt out when I discovered 'sam' and 'chris' were having a competition to see whose pottle grew the fastest!

I try to keep on top of them, they are so slack! Having said that I am a bit slack too, but I'm enjoying sole control while they're both away!!!

lorenzothellama said...

Boring, not at all. I love to see inside other people's fridges. I also like watching people's shopping being scanned while I'm at the supermarket (Netto). I'm very nosey.

At least your food is nearly at the right date. In mine, and also on my shelves things go back years. Every now and again one of the children will have a clear out and shout at me to make me ashamed of having baked beans dated 1977.
Also, don't forget, Maalie tricked me into eating a very much out of date egg!

I think your friend was very mean to try to make you feel guilty about Plumpy. He's just got big bones.

Martin Stickland said...

You are 'one sandwhich short of a pic nic"!

Very funny, a good effort and so much time taken perparing this post.

Lets have a look inside your washing machine now!

You have made me feel hungry (for fresh food)


simon said...

A kiwi invention? really... next you will tell me Rusell Crowe is a Kiwi and that NZ wil win the World rugby cup!!!

Anyway-isn't NZ a state of Aus? ;o)

Ju's little sister said...

I will admit Simon that Auckland is the Capital of Samoa, and Sydney is the Capital of New Zealand!!!

Phar Lap and pavlova are ours. You can keep your Russel Crowe!

LtL and Martin, thank you. I was actually more depresed at how empty our fridge is, since all the food in it is not really edible!!

Martin Stickland said...

Good morning down there, do not forget to push the sun up so we can have a good morning here too.

Sorry but a tramp outbidded you for the painting!

Maalie said...

I think this would make a good topic for a "tag" - get everyone to describe their fridges!

Maalie said...

P.S. Pavlova is definitely of NZ origin. It is of course named after the famous ballerina Anna Pavlova who I believe visited NZ once. Pavolvas are best when adorned with slices of kiwi fruit.

The Australians tend to swamp their imitation pavlovas with Castlemaine XXXX which, in my opinion, has a deleterious affect on the taste.

simon said...

ahahahaha.. you will ALL be laughing on the other side of your faces when we win the world cup AND the 20/20 cricket.....

Ju's little sister said...

Simon, I will never contest a man's right to dream...

Raelha said...

Are you sure that was cauliflower? It's the first time I've seen a completely brown one so just thought I'd check.

My fridge is full of cucumbers at the moment - they're growing too fast for us to keep up. I'm not quite sure how we're going to use them all. Any suggestions (not from Martin please, I can just imagine)?

I hope the newspaper cutting hasn't given Plumpy a complex. All of us over here think he's gorgeous.