Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ju's Little Sister Has Been A Bit Naughty

Hmmm, yes - just a little bit naughty.

You see, in my last post I told you that our units weren't very well stocked when we arrived and so we all went shopping at the supermarket.
Then we went shopping somewhere else. We tried an electronics shop.
Special 'SDHC' card for storing photos from my camera and putting them onto my computer.

Special 'headset' for talking to people over the internet.Cable for connecting to the internet in our rooms.

We next day we went back to the supermarket. We went back to walmart.
Tracfone cellphone and airtime.

And for a long time (three days tops) this was enough to keep me happy.

On Friday we had our induction at the air base. We got to see the plane for the first time since she left New Zealand and all the cool new things on board. We had a look about the facility and located the cafeteria (very important) and our desks (slightly important). We met the other's who have been there for a few years now and we learnt what to expect and what would be expected of us. Suddenly twelve months of waiting for some surreal and unknown goal became quite real. This was the warm-up on the field, and Monday will be Game On, Kick-Off. First play. Just as well we already know where the cafe is.

Though the whole group were all going to go have a few drinks Friday after work I was toast. A week of headcold and no sleep was catching up with me and I went home to hit the sack. I was out for twelve hours, and dozed fairly deeply for another five or so.

Up and about today (Saturday) I realised I wouldn't be able to cope any longer (end of my three days) without music in my room. So I grabbed a couple of friends and we went to the largest electronics place I have ever been to - called Frys. We were in heaven. Really. We were. I wanted to buy the whole shop.

They had so much in the computer speaker range, and I really really really wanted the Bose Companion 5 system.
Bose Companion 5 - $360 (US)

Given this was well out of my price range, and having a perfectly decent and more expensive Hi Fi system at home this was not something I could justify. Boy did they sound Oh So Sweet though. !sigh!

My next choice was always going to be speakers by a brand called Creative. They really are a remarkable producer of impressive sound quality for a reasonable price. In fact their prices for mp3 players and other such equipment is competitive with the likes of such rip-offs as iPod and the 'getting-better' Sony, yet their performance blows both better known brands out of the water. They're nothing like the high-end Hi Fi such as Bose, B&W or the like, but in portable audio I believe they are almost unbeatable. So this was the collection I began to peruse (occasionally returning to Crampy who was standing in front of the Bose demo speakers attempting to temp me!)

The pair I picked were a little more than I intended to spend; they are Creative GigaWorks T20's and they are beautiful.
Creative GigaWorks T20 - $not-telling

While I wasn't drooling over them the way I was over the Bose set, they are a lovely set of speakers - well beyond what is really necessary for a computer - but simply wonderful all the same. Now I am going to finish my dinner then set up my laptop and new speakers in the common room so we can all have Saturday Night Movies.

Bye Then!

PS - Having run them for a day now there are no regrets, I love them!!!


kiwi mother said...

I am so relieved - you must be feeling better. Phew. I am so PLEASED you have been a bit naughty and who cares about the $not ( presume that is not snot!!)
Enjoy it all. xxxMxxx

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