Sunday, September 07, 2008

Humour in the Supermarket

Recently some friends and I spent Labor Weekend in Memphis, which I have to say, was the best experience I've had since I came to America. But more on that later (when I have the time and photos to do it justice).

More recently my friend Heed and I went to Krogers Supermarket and remembered to bring a camera with us. There were one or two items on the shelves we thought were worth a giggle so I thought I might share them with you.

Why bother with plain old 7up lemonade when you can have GinsengUp?

Those darn Gingers, they're just outrageous!

There's something missing from this soft drink.

Darn, if it was actually flat we could have stopped for some beer.
One for the TCA perhaps?

Beam me up Scotty it's Beer O'clock already.

Say no more, say no more.

So you want cola, and I want wine. Lets be efficient about this.

And below might be my personal favourite, but maybe not. I couldn't possibly comment.

(It's even spicy. Yum.)


lorenzothellama said...

Did you buy any cock flavoured soup mix?

Jemima and I are off to Scotland to do yoga and meditation for a week with the Buddhists!

Ju's little sister's aunt said...

How wonderful - I'm speechless!! I must say though that the cock flavoured soup mix is presented with such grace. (I'm not usually speechless for long) Any wonder my friends used to come to California from the South for Coors - at least they knew what they were getting! Keep keeping us posted - love it!

lorenzothellama said...

You won't believe this, but I dreamed of Cock Flavoured Soup last night. I actually saw the packet with all the writing and illustration in my sleep! Honest. It was really creepy.

Martin Stickland said...

Hey who is the sexy chick with the shades holding cock?

7 up, very funny, is that something snow white and the seven dwarfs practice?

Oh dear, look what you have done, started me off now.

How's you all doi'n down thare in Texas?

kiwi mother said...

Love your post. Love your sense of humour ( or should that be humor?). Glad to know you are OK. xxxMxxx

simon said...

ahahahahaha! Ju's!

simon said...

lorenzo! ahahahahahahahahaha

lorenzothellama said...

Hello you!! I'm off to Turkey in the morning for a spot of sailing. See you when I get back.

Wept when I took Badger and Scaredy to the Kennels.

Today's word is sqjipts


Maalie said...

When I was in Antarctica, my Canadian colleague referred to 7-Up as "Snow White", but I never understood why.

simon said...

hey Ju's you got rid of my link for ordinary life!! :o(

lorenzothellama said...

Hello JLS. Are you still in Texas?