Monday, April 26, 2010

Ju's Daughter's Christening

Ah yes, the Christening.

This special event was supposed to be held in January, but as those of you from England will know the weather was a little chilly back then. So chilly in fact that the water froze before it even fell from the sky, which made general travel about the countryside somewhat troublesome. So the upshot was that the Christening was postponed to a time of year when Ju's Little Sister and Ju's Mum could make it.

The Church is in Sussex, and since Ju, Ju's Husband and Ju's Daughter all live in Wiltshire, we travelled up to Meadow Barn Farm to stay with Ju's lovely in-laws on the Saturday. There we met many more members of the family - sisters, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandparents and friends. It was going to be a wonderful family event.
Speaking of family, the Church where all of this was to take place has seen plenty of family members through the years and is very close to where Ju's Husband's Grandparents live. The Church is very old, Norman, and is connected with a lovely big house of seven bedrooms which was built around 1060 by some monks who had come over from France. The Lovely Big House of Seven Bedrooms Built Around 1060 was until very recently the residence of the fore-mentioned Grandparents. I would have loved to have been able to see inside. Ju's Husband's Mum knew a lot of the history of both the house and the church and told stories about them both before and after the service.
Anyway, the original point of this paragraph was to reveal to you the name of the Church and Parish, mostly because I am a little immature, and found the name of this rather august and respected place highly amusing. Yes faithful readers, Ju's Daughter was Christening in Cocking Church. Don't believe me?

Inside front cover of the hymn book.

The girl of the hour was very well behaved. She was in a strange place and building, with a lot of people (known and unknown) paying her a lot of attention. There was some singing (of varying talents) and some standing up and sitting down. Then, right about the time she started to get a bit peckish, she was denied the comfort of her mother's arms (and her personal milk factory) and given over to a stranger for the unlikeliest bath she has yet to experience.

Needless to say, she wasn't really too impressed. Fortunately, although she cried, the howls were not demonic and it was only a short while before she could indulge in elevenses. Shortly thereafter her parents and new Godfather had the dubious honour of changing what was probably the pooey-est nappy she could manage given the short notice, in one of the back-row pews. (Good job Uncle James! You're a great Godfather!)

Spiritual safety assured for the now, we all returned to Meadow Barn Farm for the after match function where there was Fun, Cake, Toasts and Drinks.

Welcome to the family, Little One. It's a good think you've been Christened, 'cos you're in for a Hell of a ride!


Ju's little sister's aunt said...

Thank you so much for your well-written thoughts and descriptions. It was good to hear how the Christening went, especially when Nanz braved an Icelanic volcano to get there! Uncle James does sound like a real treasure! The pics were wonerful - do you have one of the old-house-which-sounds-so-intruiging-built-in- 1060?

Anonymous said...

Hey the pics were great JLS, love them! What a lovely day, was great to see everyone and especially to have Ju's Mum and Ju's little sis there, made it so special.


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