Monday, February 12, 2007

New Plymouth Wedding

This weekend I was in New Plymouth at the bottom-ish west of the North Island. My friends Nick and Conna were getting married! The weather was hot hot hot, and the venue absoloutely gorgeous!

Okurukuru Vinyard is just outside of New Plymouth and overlooks the Tasman Sea. The building, vines and grounds were picture perfect for such a special day.

Standing on the balcony of Okurukuru looking out over the ocean,
and down on to the wedding spot.

The wedding was scheduled to take place at five o'clock and Nick and Conna had the rare treat of spending almost the whole day together as they gadded about the countryside having their photos taken. As time rolled slowly by, and the waiting guests realised five of the clock had been and gone many minutes ago, from out of nowhere a helicopter, thundered into view and spun about above us. To the sound of the soundtrack to Mission Impossible, the groom and his men came out of the chopper and down to the guests. There they mingled and chatted as the helicopter left to pick up the girls.

They too made a grand entrance, though we weren't allowed to see them exiting the chopper, we watched from below as they made their way along the balcony above and behind us, then round the end of the building and down the stairs. At the bottom Nick moved forward and shook Conna's father's hand, kissed her mother, and collected his bride-to-be. Conna was radiant.
Nick collects Conna from her parents

Together the couple moved to the centre spot where they said beautiful vows and celebrated with some very lovely poetry recited on their behalf. Then the young children were encouraged to come forward and between the couple and the younglings, butterflies were released to float away with wishes and prayers. It was very beautiful and I am sorry I couldn't manage to capture it on film.

Inside the venue for speeches and dinner was unfortunately very hot. I was unfortunately unaccompanied (someone couldn't make it...) so Conna and one of her bridesmaids (another good friend of mine, Megsie) planted me at the end of the table with two larikins - Andrew and Andrew. We weren't sure if they were there to entertain me, or I was there to keep them in check! But they were certainly great entertainment, and Conna's brother Andrew practiced some very gentlemanly charm!

Too bad about the sun!
The picture behind the high table was absolutely gogeous,
The four hangings around it showed quotes for
Love, Wisdom, Peace and Happiness

Later on in the evening we drifted outside for some fresh air, as it was quite stuffy inside!

Bridesmaid Megsie in black at the back, next to her husband and the best man, Rowan.
Conna sits at the table next to Megsie, and you can see the back of Nick's head across from her.
Surrounded by friends.

The first dance was lovely, and it was compulsory for all guests to join in! Nick and Conna looked wonderful and wonderfully happy as they moved together as though they had been dancing all their lives. Not bad for one-and-a-half lessons!!! Later on in the night, after the sun had gone down;

We were encouraged to gather out on the balcony for a surprise. What was it? Fireworks! Certainly a sparkling event for a sparkling day. We returned inside for more dancing, more wedding cake (chocolate), more wine or coffee as the mood took us :-)

As a rugby playing, beer drinking woman (who scrubbed up into a very stunning picture) Conna had a little difficulty with the throwing of the bouquet. In fact, she was so excited by the concept she threw it over and above us single chicks, and it landed at the feet of the flowergirl who was allowed to keep it. My parents will be most upset to hear she might get married before me!!!

It was a wonderful night, and the bbq the next day was also wonderful, though a lot more relaxed. I managed to sleep most of the 5 hour journey home.


simon said...

biulding? typos ;o)


i LOVE that sunset!

Ju's little sister said...

Roger that Simon, biulding changed to building, their to there and a missing if fitted.

I TOLD you that you weren't the only one! That's why no one minds too much :-)

The sunset was gorgeous wasn't it? They got some fantastic photos of the bridal party, and also just the happy couple at the end of it, but I don't have copies... yet!!

Maalie said...

It looks a gorgeous day! The thing I remember most about Taranaki is the jet black sand on the beach, I guess volcanic.

Was the wedding on the slopes of Mount Egmont?

Ju's little sister said...

Negative Maalie, half way between New Plymouth and Okura I think.
It was a lovely day, and the weather was hot!

Maalie said...

Hey, JLS, take a look at this!

Ju's little sister said...

Maalie, thanks for the link but I'm not allowed to view the page. >shrug<

TCA said...

Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage.

Marriage: the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

Ju's little sister said...

Hee hee, nice TCA.

Do you really believe that?

TCA said...

Believe it?

What's to disagree with?

Absolute fact.

Ju's little sister said...

Well I disagree with you, so the 'absolute' aspect of your fact is a matter of perspective. I don't beleive my parents railroaded their intelligence with imagination. Without their marriage, I wouldn't be me. And I won't allow that my life is the result of the combination of two imaginations 'triumphing' over intelligence.

Each to their own though, I suppose.

Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

I was born in Waitara so I am a Taranaki girl :) Lovely photos here and in the Dive bit. Summertime - yeah!

Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

I just read your profile.... I know someone in avionics here at Ohakea... the husband of a friend of mine....

Ju's little sister said...

Kiwi Nomad, lovely to hear from you. It once surprised me how so many kiwi's would first ask "Do we still have an Air Force?" Followed almost immediately by; "I know someone in the air force..."
But now I'm used to it! I have a friend who calls himself a funeral director - he was so sick of the question!

Who is your friend in OH Avionics? I can't guarantee to know them as I'm more of a bookworm than a social butterfly - but I might! (PS I am more likely to know them by nick-name than real name).

TCA said...

> Without their marriage, I wouldn't be me.

Conjecture and fallacy in one statement!

Ju's little sister said...