Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Weekend Dive Trip (DAY TWO)

Sunday dawned even sunnier than the preceeding day and the ocean was calm and still. We spent a lazy morning waiting for the tide and headed over the hill for a second time around ten thirty, eleven o'clock.
This time the tide was about to finish coming in and I could only see the top of the rocks we had been clambering over on Saturday. The boys dragged the tinny off the top of the ute and dragged it down to the water, yelping as they did so over the burning heat of the sand. I had decided that since Sarge had been so good as to babysit me the day before I wouldn't go for the second dive, leaving him to play about in the water as he chose. Thus being free I took some photos as they kitted up.

We motored out around the rocks we had used on Saturday and continued towards another set in deeper water. Shaz remained on solid land to go for a walk and collect interesting objects. Mostly rocks I think. (Intersting ones. Mum can testify I am telling the truth when I say I am not being sarcastic about that at all!)

Once the boys thought they had reached their favourite spot we dropped anchor and they got their gears on before dropping below the water. The sea was so clear, that even with several meters of depth we could easily see the bottom, it was so beautiful. I tried to take a picture of it, but although you could see the outlines of the rocks even in the photo, the sun glare was a little too much. Instead I spent my time lying in the boat listening to music, lying in the boat listening to the sea and birds, and looking about and taking photos. I saw an oyster catcher, which is new for me as we only have the pied variety at home, and there was a shag who was determined to pose when the camera was off and look away when I was ready to take his photo. Bearing in mind I was in a rocking boat, here are the pictures of them;

After about 40 minutes the boys came back, and boy did they have a catch!
Tommy displays the mother of all crays.
Except it was a boy, but boy was he a big one!

Sarge has no idea Tommy is about to put a cray on his head.

Proof that we put the little ones back.
This wee guy went back in the water before Sarge (who caught him) made it into the boat!

All in all it was a terrific day. We had hoped to get away from Fletcher Bay by twelve o'clock, but since they didn't start diving until about ten past, it was at least half two before we even started to clean the gear. But with such a haul of cray it was deifinitely worth it, and we all had a great time. I don't even remember the feeling ill part!


Maalie said...

Wow! Those crays look delicious. More here than I can digest (so to speak) will return and study this in detail!

TCA said...

What a bounty. Fletcher Bay is stunning is it not. So here is a challenge for JLS! How do you fancy the Colville Classic Mtn bike challange - basically a circumnavigation of the Coromandel peninsula you have shown on your blog!! a mere 75km i believe...hmmm I am starting to wonder whether or not I have bitten of more than I can chew.


Ju's little sister said...

My friend I don't think I would even be able to make that bite! But cheers for the offer ;-)