Thursday, May 31, 2007

A quick filler

Hi all,

At Simon's urging I am writing a new post, but I warn you it will be short! This last week I have been at our annual Air Force Hockey Inter-base Tournament. This requires five days of leave, though due to travel on Monday and Friday there are only three days of game time. This usually happens to work out well as there are usually only three teams in the tourney! This year however the men had four teams - Auckland, Ohakea, Wellington and Woodbourne, while the women managed to scratch together only two - Ohakea and Auckland. So we had our round robin on Tuesday (OH vs AK) and the final today, Thursday (AK vs OH).
I am very tired! Auckland didn't have a strong team this year and Ohakea did, so as goal keeper I was working for the full 70 minutes. At the moment my back hurts!

I have no bruises to show, and tonight is the final function and prize giving. I expect to make the services team and travel to the middle of the North Island as part of the RNZAF Hockey team to take on the New Zealand Army team and the RNZN team in our Services Tournament. The only reason I am so cocky is because we always take two goalies to the services, and guess what? We only have two goalies!!! The men's competition is a little stiffer though ;-)

And that's it from me - I have to go put make up on now and get into some gears for the party. Hopefully at some point soon I will have photos for you, but not until I have had a very long sleep!!!

All the best,


Maalie said...

I take it that you didn't win? Oh well, I hope the next tournament will be better!

Love to Plumpy!

simon said...

She lives!!! great! hope you have a good sleep and enjoy the evening ! for real!

simon said...

hey ju's did i tell you my cousin is having lessons in a Pitts special? SERIOUS stunt plane!!!

So thats 3

1x Glasair
1x cessna 152 aerobat
1x Pitts special...

Ju's little sister said...

Ha ha, Simon, yes you did!!!

I won't be able to get photos until sometime during next week so you'll have to hold out longer I'm afraid!

simon said...

oops! I just get very excited about fast things-planes cars bikes n i am prone to "waffle" and repeat myself.
I think it is called "boyish enthusiasim"

Kiwi Nomad 2006 said...

As someone who worked for 13 years under the flight path to Ohakea.... I say "Go Ohakea!"