Sunday, June 10, 2007

Penalty Stroke

I apologise for the delay in this post. Unfortunately I still don't have any images of me in the hockey tournament, but I do have this short video of a penalty stroke. Strokes are awarded in field hockey when a goal may have been scored if not for the illegal action which stopped it. For example the ball was going straight for the goal but someone other than the goalie kicked it away.

Playing this round was RNZAF Base Auckland mens versus the Wellington team. (Wellington doesn't have an Air Force base but the team was made up of players from Defence House and The HQ for Defence. Wellington in red, and Auckland in blue. (I was playing for the Auckland women's team later that day. Wellington didn't have a goalie, so in the spirit of the tournament, Auckland's reserve goalie played for them. This is the essence of our interbase tournaments. It's about the game and we'll do a lot to get the games played. For example the Auckland mens goalie played as centre forward for the Woodbourne team when they played both Ohakea and Wellington. Our women's team was made up of players from Auckland and Wellington, and Ohakea and Woodbourne joined forces to make up our only comptetition in the tournament!

So anyway, here the Auckland men's are playing against their reserve goalie who is playing for Wellington mens. WEllington had a stroke called against them. All players except the man taking the stroke and the goalie have to return to hlaf way. Goalie must have his feet (usually his heels) on the line, and the opposition must push the ball from the spot.


TCA said...

Nice Goal, goalie nearly had it which was not a bad effort given he was a ringer from Auckland playing for the windy city side!
ahhh, jolly hockey sticks,
brings back memories.

Ju's little sister said...

Good memories I hope!

TCA said...

oh yes! fond memories indeed.