Friday, January 18, 2008

The Compost and the Birds at Strowan

"Strowan" is the house and grounds (oooooh!) my parents have bought for their retirement. Problem is, they're not very good at retiring.
Mum now has two houses and two gardens to look after (they haven't moved out of the homestead yet) and Dad is busy turning the old sheds into...well, sheds! And along with my brother Jim, he has been turning the paddocks into bales of hay.

Anyway, I thought the Llama might be interested in Dad's compost heap. I'm not sure how much Dad knows about composting, but I'm sure in this instance he's decided, 'The bigger, the better!'

Yes, the planks are so that he can back the mower up and dump the clippings directly onto the heap.

On another note - it was so hot and dry at Strowan, the sparrows were desperate for a bath. They had to be satisfied with a shower.

Note: This might look better if you click on the picture for the larger image!

More soon!


lorenzothellama said...

A very impressive compost heap indeed! Congratulate your father for me.

I wouldn't have such a large one in England as it would take too long to heat up and decompose, so I tend to have a few smaller ones. One to work from, and the rest in various states of decomposition.

I clicked on the picture and saw all the little birdies!



lorenzothellama said...

p.s. off to Plumpy now to see his video.

Scaredy Cat said...

That compost heap looks the ideal place for me to do my business in.

Maalie said...

Yes, sparrows love a good shower on a hot day. Drowns all those those feather lice.

Martin Stickland said...

Nice heap, do not let lorenzybum scatter her poop all over it, Llama poo plays havoc with tomato plants.

I hope you are fine and dandy, some pussy has been leaving comments on my, really!

lorenzothellama said...

How very very dare you Martin!
There's nowt wrong with llama poo. It's very fragrant.

Raelha said...

What a fine compost heap. And a great photo of the bird shower.