Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Years

There was a bit of an issue over the New Years break. My older sister Mel is running a high country station almost on her own and it is so intensive that she rarely even gets to leave in the weekend - let alone have a decent catch up with her friends.

This year she was determined to spend a bit of time with her man, then visit a lot of friends in the lower part of the South Island. The issue is that she has a friend from the US staying. He has no car, no phone, and didn't know the phone numbers of his only other NZ contacts (of which there were two).

So I agreed to leave the compost and the birds at Strowan and make my way to a meeting point about 40mins south of Ashburton at a place called Arundel. There I collected Josh and brought him back while Mel + man travelled to the lakes district. Actually I think they only made it as far as Twizel at the time.

Josh and I industriously deadheaded some of the roses in the gardens at Strowan. (There are over 200 of the buggers). Then as New Years approached we clambered into my brother's diesel Toyota Starlet and started to make our way down to Wanaka.
The day was hot and dry and I really developed some serious driver's arm. We didn't really stop on the way down - except for fuel, lunch and a couple of snapshots here and there. I thought Josh would have been interested in some of the sights as we travelled but I suppose it was all the same to him.

As we arrived in Wanaaka we made contact with the sister, and ended up pitching my most fantastic tent on the back lawn of her friend's house. Donna's husband works on the farm which is owned by Shania Twain (and husband) and that family pay the rent on the house so it sounds to me like the perfect setup!

New Years Eve however was a bit of the let-down. Wanaka is one of the most popular venues in New Zealand for the event so it was very crowded. I did meet up with some old classmates from high school though which was great.

In the end I walked up the hill to go to bed almost immediately after the new year came in, as I wasn't feeling very well. Please don't assume I was off my trolly! Not true.

Anyway, the point of this most wasn't to tell you all about my pear-shaped New Years, that's all just setting the scene. Because on the way back home Josh and I stopped at Lake Pukaki which is between the road and New Zealand's highest Mountain - Mt Cook.
Mt Cook is also known by the local Maori as Aoraki. (Standardisation of the Maori language has brought in the North Island dialects, and officially the Maori name for Mt Cook is actually Aorangi).

So below are some photos I took of Lake Pukaki, Josh, and in the distance - over the lake, the beautiful Aoraki.


Raelha said...

That water looks so inviting.

lorenzothellama said...

They are such lovely photos. Is the mountain a sacred one?

Wanaka and Pukaki sound like really good swear words!

Ju's little sister said...

How about Whakatane - (pronounced F#CK-a-taan-ay)

I don't know how significant Aorangi is to the local culture. Kiwi Nomad might though - she's a teacher ;-)

Martin Stickland said...

Wow! Look at the colour of that water, so blue. I was just going to say Wanker sounds like an idyllic place but lorenzybum beat me to it!

Maalie said...

I've been to all those places ;-) I feel nostalgic to see them again!

I think I might go back...

Ju's little sister said...

Raelha, the water is very very very cold! It is run-off the glacier. I would say that it is freezing, but Maalie might correct me and say that if that was the case it would be ice not water.

Raelha said...

jls, I thought as much, shame.

I bit my tongue about the swearing, not wanting to lower the tone and all that, but I see I needn't have bothered.

simon said...

Seriously BEAUTIFUL photos!

Ju's little sister said...

Thank you Simon ;-)

Rob Hopcott said...

Oohh! Lovely! I'm on the plane, I'm on the plane!

OK, no I'm not. My wife says my pocket money is all spent up since buying those sweets yesterday.

I wanted to emigrate to New Zealand about thirty years ago but she wouldn't let me go then.

Beautiful pictures, beautiful country. Probably all the better for not having another wrinkly crazy flying in.

Martin Stickland said...

Egg & Chips with a mug of tea please

Ju's little sister said...

There's only fush and chops over here marty!

Lovely to meet you Rob. Yes the scenery is lovely, isn't it?

lorenzothellama said...

JLS: le Maalie desire que nous parlez en franglais sur son blog. Voulez vous aime a escrive un comment sur son blog?
Lorenzo la llama.

lorenzothellama said...

It's months and months since the new year JLS!