Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Bargain

I haven't been on the internet in a long time - as you are probably aware. Work's been a bit hectic and if I haven't been AT work, I've been sleeping. Or to be honest, reading books, which I have always enjoyed more than the internet so I apologise for abandoning you all. I have no idea how you've managed without Plumpy and myself - in all honesty I was surprised to discover the place is still in tact without us. (wink wink)

Anyway, for lack of anything else to share, here's the latest bargain I have found;

Four tool boxes full of old but properly made tools, which are sturdy and reliable.

I like the wee baby tool box the best, and I have always wanted an oil can just like Dad's. Except his is a red one, so I suppose it goes a but faster than mine. Never mind - you can't win them all.

93 Spanners! (Imperial)

44 Screwdrivers

26 Files (+5 spare handles)

Some other things like Pincers and Seceteurs, Pliers and Vicegrips. A Ballpien Hammer, spare head and 8 Metric Spanners.

The other three toolboxes, ratchet drives, sockets, baby stilsons, adjustable spanners and about 5 sets of feeler guages.

I haven't even included the 'misc' section, which had all sorts of crazy things! Even a compression guage, though why I want to test the compression of the cylinders in my car remains a mystery! Why would I want all these tools you might ask. Well it is true that I am by trade more intersted in electrical and electronic tools, which tend to be smaller and a little more delicate - jeweller's screwdrivers, soldering irons and tweezers mostly. But one day I hope to be allowed to restore my father's Morris Freeway back to a roadworthy condition. And since it's made by BMC Australia, I will need reliable imperial tools. Probably whitworth, knowing my luck (not many of those spanners in the mix).

Anyway, the most exciting thing about the whole thing is the cost - $50 New Zealand. This is NOTHING. I would not be able to buy 50 spanners new, for that price, not even ONE of the toolboxes for less than $40. And these are a much better quality than you can find in the stores these days. Simply Brilliant.


Maalie said...

Gosh, what do you plan to do with all those tools? Are they for repairing Orions?

Ju's little sister said...

Tsk Tsk, read the blog properly Maalie - it's in the second to last paragraph;

"But one day I hope to be allowed to restore my father's Morris Freeway back to a roadworthy condition"

And we're not allowed to bring our own tools into the hangar AT ALL. Even swiss army knives must be kept in our lockers.

lorenzothellama said...

So glad you are back. We've really missed you. Tools like that are beautiful. I just wish I was a bit more practical. I've still got some of my dad's old tools but never use them.

What else besides a lethal weapon do you keep in your locker?

simon said...

now THAT is a bargain for sure!! looks like they are in good nick too

Maalie said...

I did read it all, but it seemed to me to be far more tools there that would be need to fix a motor car!

My very first car was a Morris 1000 (known at the time as a "Morris Minor") - great cars, you still see some around today!
Had my X-trail serviced yesterday, not cheap, I wish I could do it myself!

Viking Warrior said...

Yon tools are not needest for Viking long boats young lass from Viking lands overseas.

Martin Stickland said...

How on earth does a lady bake a cake with this lot?

What a bargain, I just have one word to say to you


You will need to find lots of nuts to use those spanners on!

simon said...

Maalie- you can!

I loved the Morris 1000- great cars.

Those spanner should be good quality if they are English or Australian.

SAdly most things are made in China and the quality is certainly not there now.. :o(

Viking Warrior said...

Tools from yon Chinese country?
Tools come from Scandanavia you southern hemisphere tosspot.

simon said...

hhahahahah! Viking- I think you are a berserker!

Maalie said...

By the way, I meant to ask, what exactly is the ball side of a ballpien hammer used for? I presume the pien side is for banging in gnails in the usual way, but I have never known what the ball side is for.