Monday, March 10, 2008

Ju's Hen's Night

Ju's Twin, Ju's Cousin, Ju and Ju's Little Sister

Ju ditches AD, and agrees to marry a young man who promises to build her a bouncy castle

There's plenty of dancing

No one is left out of the party


lorenzothellama said...

YeeHa! What a party! Wish we had all been there!

Oh and by the way,
Happy Commonwealth Day!

Scaredy Cat said...

Dear sweet JLS, will you come over and vote for me on wordimperfect?

simon said...

looks like a lot of fun Ju's!!! :o)

Viking Warrior said...

It's a fecking disgrace!

TCA said...

Good going!

I thought dancing with dogs was the exclusive preserve of participant on the stag night... clearly not!



Martin Stickland said...

Can I get off my toes now! They are beginning to hurt!

Looks like you have had fun, what a swell bunch of chicks as my American Grandad that I never even had used to say.

Hope you are well and behave yourself or I will send the Viking to stay with you )if I knew where he lived!)

Rose said...

Actually? where is the stripper??

Viking Warrior said...

Did ye find the egg I hiddeth under the bed of Plumpy?

Martin Stickland said...

hello! goodbye! hope you are well!

Anonymous said...

howdy lilsis
just thought i would come over for a visit.
flew in and out auckland a couple weeks ago...spent 6 hours in the airport. we probably have very little in common. but one can never be sure. well, i am a younger sister.