Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just Popped Out

Hi all,

I am currently back home for Ju's Wedding, and while internet is occasionally available I don't really have the time for blogging. I am loooking forward to catching up again in a couple of weeks. Lorenzo please keep Martin on his toes.

Plumpy is without his Mum and her computer, so he won't be able to blog either.

All the best and I'll try to get a good post up about it. It may even be published this year. ;-)

Ju's Little Sister.


simon said...


lorenzothellama said...

Martin is slacking JLS. Needs a good whipping. I'll get Father Ann on the job.
Poor Plumpy, without his mum. Does he want to come to Scaredy for a holiday?

Scaredy Cat said...

Yes, let him come.